SCPA Winter Doubles Final 2020/2021

From an overall entry of 32 teams, representing 15 clubs from around the region, the following 12 teams qualified for the Winter Doubles final:

1 Karen Lombard & Steve Lombard (River Hamble) 13 wins +86
2 Liam Kidd & Peter Kidd (Handcross) 12 wins +73
3 David Franco Cruz & Marc Franco Llado (Cobbetts) 11 wins +80
4 Paula Fauvel & Robert Cleaver (Fareham) 11 wins +18
5 Frank Charlesworth & Christine Peat (Bedouins) 10 wins +49 (180-131)
6 Hassi Leverett & Mark Robertshaw (Cobbetts/Fareham) 10 wins +49 (151-102)
7 Bob Bish & Paul Hayward ((Shedfield/Fareham) 10 wins +44
8 Ray Stanton & Tony Giordano (Muscliff) 10 wins +42 (151-109)
9 Stuart Cursley & Ash Patel (Oxshott) 10 wins +42 (146-104)
Unavailable Harrison Ash & Matt Slater (Crondall/Bordon) 10 wins +13
10 Alex Hepburn & Tom Wilson (Parley) 9 wins +38
Unavailable Geoff Sully & Tomasz Rypien (Arundel) 9 wins +24
11 Dave Stubbs & Richard Greeves (Cobbetts) 8 wins +11
12 Ali Stubbs & Dave Lucas (Cobbetts/Ship) 8 wins +3

The final had originally been scheduled for March 20th, but with COVID-19 playing restrictions in place the closing date for matches to be played was extended to the end of June and the final rescheduled for July 3rd.There was heavy rain at Burridge for an hour before the competition began but fortunately this stopped just in time. Unfortunately this left a quagmire in the centre of the terrain which meant the early round matches were mostly played on the bottom and top lanes. Fortunately the rest of the day was mainly dry.

There were 2 six-team leagues with teams playing 3 matches. After the morning leagues the top 3 teams from the qualifying rounds had all qualified for the semi-finals. The league winners were Mark Robertshaw & Hassi Leverett (3 wins +26) and David Franco Cruz & Marc Franco Llado (3 wins +22). Joining these two teams in the semi-finals were league runners-up Steve & Karen Lombard (3 wins +23) and Peter & Liam Kidd (2 wins +9).

Steve & Karen overcame David & Marc in one semi-final while Peter & Liam beat Hassi & Mark. Steve & Karen took an early lead but Peter and Liam fought back before finally losing a hard fought match 13-9. The other teams all played-off for positions.

Final 2020/21 placings:

Winners Karen Lombard & Steve Lombard (River Hamble)
Runners-up Liam Kidd & Peter Kidd (Handcross)
3rd David Franco Cruz & Marc Franco Llado (Cobbetts)
4th Hassi Leverett & Mark Robertshaw (Cobbetts/Fareham)
5th Bob Bish & Paul Hayward ((Shedfield/Fareham)
6th Frank Charlesworth & Christine Peat (Bedouins)
7th Dave Stubbs & Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)
8th Ali Stubbs & Dave Lucas (Cobbetts/Ship)
9th Paula Fauvel & Robert Cleaver (Fareham)
10th Stuart Cursley & Ash Patel (Oxshott)
11th Ray Stanton & Tony Giordano (Muscliff)
12th Alex Hepburn & Tom Wilson (Parley)

Dave Stubbs