Southern Counties Petanque

6-a-side league : Division 1

Scheduled Played Home Team Away Team H A Comments
26-May-2021 | Wed 26-May-2021 Arundel Aardvarks River Hamble 0 5
26-May-2021 | Wed 26-May-2021 Cobbetts A Muscliff Raiders 5 0
27-May-2021 | Thu 27-May-2021 Fareham Conifers Adur Leisure 3 2 Awaiting Result Sheet
28-May-2021 | Fri 28-May-2021 Cobbetts B Racing Club Rhinos 5 0
07-Jun-2021 | Mon 07-Jun-2021 Muscliff Raiders Fareham Conifers 5 0
08-Jun-2021 | Tue 08-Jun-2021 Adur Leisure Arundel Aardvarks 5 0
09-Jun-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos Cobbetts A Postponed by Racing Club Rhinos
10-Jun-2021 | Thu 10-Jun-2021 River Hamble Cobbetts B 5 0
23-Jun-2021 | Wed Cobbetts A Adur Leisure Postponed by Adur Leisure
23-Jun-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos Arundel Aardvarks Postponed by Racing Club Rhinos
24-Jun-2021 | Thu Fareham Conifers River Hamble
25-Jun-2021 | Fri Cobbetts B Muscliff Raiders
28-Jun-2021 | Mon Muscliff Raiders Racing Club Rhinos
29-Jun-2021 | Tue Adur Leisure River Hamble
30-Jun-2021 | Wed Arundel Aardvarks Fareham Conifers
30-Jun-2021 | Wed Cobbetts A Cobbetts B
07-Jul-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos Adur Leisure
08-Jul-2021 | Thu Fareham Conifers Cobbetts A
08-Jul-2021 | Thu River Hamble Muscliff Raiders
09-Jul-2021 | Fri Cobbetts B Arundel Aardvarks
12-Jul-2021 | Mon 02-Oct-2021 Muscliff Raiders Arundel Aardvarks To be played at Fareham
14-Jul-2021 | Wed Cobbetts A River Hamble
14-Jul-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos Fareham Conifers
16-Jul-2021 | Fri Cobbetts B Adur Leisure
20-Jul-2021 | Tue Adur Leisure Muscliff Raiders
21-Jul-2021 | Wed Arundel Aardvarks Cobbetts A
22-Jul-2021 | Thu Fareham Conifers Cobbetts B
22-Jul-2021 | Thu River Hamble Racing Club Rhinos
02-Aug-2021 | Mon Muscliff Raiders Cobbetts A
03-Aug-2021 | Tue Adur Leisure Fareham Conifers
04-Aug-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos Cobbetts B
05-Aug-2021 | Thu River Hamble Arundel Aardvarks
18-Aug-2021 | Wed Arundel Aardvarks Adur Leisure
18-Aug-2021 | Wed Cobbetts A Racing Club Rhinos
19-Aug-2021 | Thu Fareham Conifers Muscliff Raiders
20-Aug-2021 | Fri Cobbetts B River Hamble
30-Aug-2021 | Mon Muscliff Raiders Cobbetts B
31-Aug-2021 | Tue Adur Leisure Cobbetts A
01-Sep-2021 | Wed Arundel Aardvarks Racing Club Rhinos
02-Sep-2021 | Thu River Hamble Fareham Conifers
08-Sep-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos Muscliff Raiders
09-Sep-2021 | Thu River Hamble Adur Leisure
09-Sep-2021 | Thu Fareham Conifers Arundel Aardvarks
10-Sep-2021 | Fri Cobbetts B Cobbetts A
13-Sep-2021 | Mon Muscliff Raiders River Hamble
14-Sep-2021 | Tue Adur Leisure Racing Club Rhinos
15-Sep-2021 | Wed Arundel Aardvarks Cobbetts B
15-Sep-2021 | Wed Cobbetts A Fareham Conifers
28-Sep-2021 | Tue Adur Leisure Cobbetts B
29-Sep-2021 | Wed 02-Oct-2021 Arundel Aardvarks Muscliff Raiders To be played at Fareham
30-Sep-2021 | Thu Fareham Conifers Racing Club Rhinos
30-Sep-2021 | Thu River Hamble Cobbetts A
11-Oct-2021 | Mon Muscliff Raiders Adur Leisure
13-Oct-2021 | Wed Cobbetts A Arundel Aardvarks
13-Oct-2021 | Wed Racing Club Rhinos River Hamble
15-Oct-2021 | Fri Cobbetts B Fareham Conifers

6-a-side league : Division 2

Scheduled Played Home Team Away Team H A Comments
27-May-2021 | Thu 27-May-2021 Oxshott Handcross 3 2
27-May-2021 | Thu Portchester Bordon Postponed by Portchester
27-May-2021 | Thu Bye Fareham Maple Leaves
28-May-2021 | Fri 28-May-2021 Worthing Peacocks Shedfield 2 3
07-Jun-2021 | Mon 07-Jun-2021 Handcross Worthing Peacocks 2 3
09-Jun-2021 | Wed 09-Jun-2021 Bordon Oxshott 4 1
10-Jun-2021 | Thu 10-Jun-2021 Fareham Maple Leaves Portchester 4 1
10-Jun-2021 | Thu Shedfield Bye
24-Jun-2021 | Thu Portchester Handcross Postponed by Portchester
24-Jun-2021 | Thu Shedfield Oxshott
24-Jun-2021 | Thu Bye Bordon
25-Jun-2021 | Fri Worthing Peacocks Fareham Maple Leaves
30-Jun-2021 | Wed Bordon Handcross
01-Jul-2021 | Thu Fareham Maple Leaves Shedfield
01-Jul-2021 | Thu Oxshott Portchester Postponed by Portchester
01-Jul-2021 | Thu Bye Worthing Peacocks
05-Jul-2021 | Mon Handcross Fareham Maple Leaves
08-Jul-2021 | Thu Portchester Bye
08-Jul-2021 | Thu Shedfield Bordon
09-Jul-2021 | Fri Worthing Peacocks Oxshott
15-Jul-2021 | Thu Fareham Maple Leaves Oxshott
15-Jul-2021 | Thu Shedfield Portchester
15-Jul-2021 | Thu Bye Handcross
16-Jul-2021 | Fri Worthing Peacocks Bordon
19-Jul-2021 | Mon Handcross Shedfield
21-Jul-2021 | Wed Bordon Fareham Maple Leaves
22-Jul-2021 | Thu Oxshott Bye
22-Jul-2021 | Thu Portchester Worthing Peacocks
02-Aug-2021 | Mon Handcross Oxshott
04-Aug-2021 | Wed Bordon Portchester
05-Aug-2021 | Thu Fareham Maple Leaves Bye
05-Aug-2021 | Thu Shedfield Worthing Peacocks
19-Aug-2021 | Thu Oxshott Bordon
19-Aug-2021 | Thu Portchester Fareham Maple Leaves
19-Aug-2021 | Thu Bye Shedfield
20-Aug-2021 | Fri Worthing Peacocks Handcross
30-Aug-2021 | Mon Handcross Portchester
01-Sep-2021 | Wed Bordon Bye
02-Sep-2021 | Thu Fareham Maple Leaves Worthing Peacocks
02-Sep-2021 | Thu Oxshott Shedfield
06-Sep-2021 | Mon Handcross Bordon
09-Sep-2021 | Thu Portchester Oxshott
09-Sep-2021 | Thu Shedfield Fareham Maple Leaves
10-Sep-2021 | Fri Worthing Peacocks Bye
15-Sep-2021 | Wed Bordon Shedfield
16-Sep-2021 | Thu Fareham Maple Leaves Handcross
16-Sep-2021 | Thu Oxshott Worthing Peacocks
16-Sep-2021 | Thu Bye Portchester
27-Sep-2021 | Mon Handcross Bye
29-Sep-2021 | Wed Bordon Worthing Peacocks
30-Sep-2021 | Thu Oxshott Fareham Maple Leaves
30-Sep-2021 | Thu Portchester Shedfield
14-Oct-2021 | Thu Fareham Maple Leaves Bordon
14-Oct-2021 | Thu Shedfield Handcross
14-Oct-2021 | Thu Bye Oxshott
15-Oct-2021 | Fri Worthing Peacocks Portchester

6-a-side league : Division 3 East

Scheduled Played Home Team Away Team H A Comments
24-May-2021 | Mon 24-May-2021 Crondall Cranleigh Cougars 3 2
24-May-2021 | Mon Bye Bedouin Bullets
25-May-2021 | Tue Adur Southdown Bye
27-May-2021 | Thu 27-May-2021 Worthing Simpsons Clymping Crusaders 1 4
07-Jun-2021 | Mon Bye Crondall
08-Jun-2021 | Tue 17-Aug-2021 Bedouin Bullets Adur Southdown Fixtures reversed
10-Jun-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Worthing Simpsons
12-Jun-2021 | Sat Clymping Crusaders Bye
21-Jun-2021 | Mon Bye Bye
21-Jun-2021 | Mon Crondall Clymping Crusaders
22-Jun-2021 | Tue Adur Southdown Cranleigh Cougars
24-Jun-2021 | Thu Worthing Simpsons Bedouin Bullets
28-Jun-2021 | Mon Crondall Adur Southdown
28-Jun-2021 | Mon Bye Worthing Simpsons
01-Jul-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Bye
03-Jul-2021 | Sat Clymping Crusaders Bedouin Bullets
05-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Clymping Crusaders
06-Jul-2021 | Tue Adur Southdown Bye
06-Jul-2021 | Tue Bedouin Bullets Cranleigh Cougars
08-Jul-2021 | Thu Worthing Simpsons Crondall
12-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Worthing Simpsons
12-Jul-2021 | Mon Crondall Bedouin Bullets
13-Jul-2021 | Tue Adur Southdown Clymping Crusaders
15-Jul-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Bye
19-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Crondall
20-Jul-2021 | Tue Bedouin Bullets Bye
22-Jul-2021 | Thu Worthing Simpsons Adur Southdown
24-Jul-2021 | Sat Clymping Crusaders Cranleigh Cougars
02-Aug-2021 | Mon Bye Adur Southdown
03-Aug-2021 | Tue Bedouin Bullets Bye
05-Aug-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Crondall
07-Aug-2021 | Sat Clymping Crusaders Worthing Simpsons
16-Aug-2021 | Mon Crondall Bye
16-Aug-2021 | Mon Bye Clymping Crusaders
17-Aug-2021 | Tue 08-Jun-2021 Adur Southdown Bedouin Bullets 2 3 Fixtures reversed
19-Aug-2021 | Thu Worthing Simpsons Cranleigh Cougars
30-Aug-2021 | Mon Bye Bye
31-Aug-2021 | Tue Bedouin Bullets Worthing Simpsons
02-Sep-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Adur Southdown
04-Sep-2021 | Sat Clymping Crusaders Crondall
06-Sep-2021 | Mon Bye Cranleigh Cougars
07-Sep-2021 | Tue Adur Southdown Crondall
07-Sep-2021 | Tue Bedouin Bullets Clymping Crusaders
09-Sep-2021 | Thu Worthing Simpsons Bye
13-Sep-2021 | Mon Crondall Worthing Simpsons
13-Sep-2021 | Mon Bye Adur Southdown
16-Sep-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Bedouin Bullets
18-Sep-2021 | Sat Clymping Crusaders Bye
27-Sep-2021 | Mon Bye Cranleigh Cougars
28-Sep-2021 | Tue Bedouin Bullets Crondall
30-Sep-2021 | Thu Worthing Simpsons Bye
02-Oct-2021 | Sat 12-Jun-2021 Clymping Crusaders Adur Southdown 4 1 Brought forward
11-Oct-2021 | Mon Bye Bedouin Bullets
11-Oct-2021 | Mon Crondall Bye
12-Oct-2021 | Tue Adur Southdown Worthing Simpsons
14-Oct-2021 | Thu Cranleigh Cougars Clymping Crusaders

6-a-side league : Division 3 West

Scheduled Played Home Team Away Team H A Comments
24-May-2021 | Mon Bye Parley
24-May-2021 | Mon 24-May-2021 Muscliff Musketeers Cobbetts C 5 0
25-May-2021 | Tue 03-Aug-2021 Shipmates Southampton City Pilgrims Fixtures reversed
26-May-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Bye
07-Jun-2021 | Mon Bye Bye
08-Jun-2021 | Tue 08-Jun-2021 Parley Shipmates 2 3
08-Jun-2021 | Tue 08-Jun-2021 Southampton City Pilgrims Muscliff Musketeers 3 2
11-Jun-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Racing Club Racers Postponed by Cobbetts C
21-Jun-2021 | Mon Bye Southampton City Pilgrims
21-Jun-2021 | Mon Muscliff Musketeers Bye
22-Jun-2021 | Tue Shipmates Cobbetts C
22-Jun-2021 | Tue Parley Racing Club Racers
29-Jun-2021 | Tue Shipmates Bye
29-Jun-2021 | Tue Southampton City Pilgrims Parley
30-Jun-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Muscliff Musketeers
02-Jul-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Bye
05-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Southampton City Pilgrims
05-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Racing Club Racers
05-Jul-2021 | Mon Muscliff Musketeers Shipmates
06-Jul-2021 | Tue Parley Cobbetts C
12-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Cobbetts C
13-Jul-2021 | Tue Shipmates Bye
13-Jul-2021 | Tue Southampton City Pilgrims Racing Club Racers
13-Jul-2021 | Tue Parley Muscliff Musketeers
19-Jul-2021 | Mon Bye Parley
19-Jul-2021 | Mon Muscliff Musketeers Bye
21-Jul-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Shipmates
23-Jul-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Southampton City Pilgrims
02-Aug-2021 | Mon Bye Racing Club Racers
03-Aug-2021 | Tue Parley Bye
03-Aug-2021 | Tue 25-May-2021 Southampton City Pilgrims Shipmates 3 2 Fixtures reversed
06-Aug-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Muscliff Musketeers
16-Aug-2021 | Mon Muscliff Musketeers Southampton City Pilgrims
16-Aug-2021 | Mon Bye Bye
17-Aug-2021 | Tue Shipmates Parley
18-Aug-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Cobbetts C
30-Aug-2021 | Mon Bye Muscliff Musketeers
31-Aug-2021 | Tue Southampton City Pilgrims Bye
01-Sep-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Parley
03-Sep-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Shipmates
06-Sep-2021 | Mon Bye Shipmates
06-Sep-2021 | Mon Bye Cobbetts C
06-Sep-2021 | Mon Muscliff Musketeers Racing Club Racers
07-Sep-2021 | Tue Parley Southampton City Pilgrims
14-Sep-2021 | Tue Shipmates Muscliff Musketeers
14-Sep-2021 | Tue Southampton City Pilgrims Bye
15-Sep-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Bye
17-Sep-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Parley
27-Sep-2021 | Mon Bye Shipmates
27-Sep-2021 | Mon Muscliff Musketeers Parley
29-Sep-2021 | Wed Racing Club Racers Southampton City Pilgrims
01-Oct-2021 | Fri Cobbetts C Bye
11-Oct-2021 | Mon Bye Muscliff Musketeers
12-Oct-2021 | Tue Shipmates Racing Club Racers
12-Oct-2021 | Tue Southampton City Pilgrims Cobbetts C
12-Oct-2021 | Tue Parley Bye