Adult/Junior Championship

The 22nd SCPA Adult/Junior Championship was played at Clymping Petanque Club on Saturday 19th June 2021.

Most of the juniors playing this year were Benjamins (under-10’s) or Minors (10-12 year-olds), and were playing with family members. This is a change from recent years where we have more often seen older teenage juniors playing with experienced national/regional players.

The two ‘old boys’ in the competition – Will and Sam – had conceded points when they played against the younger ones. We played all games to 10 points rather than 13, so that games would be shorter and not so tiring. Despite this, the first game with Alice and Karen playing against Toby and Kath went on for an hour and a half!

Everyone played well and with good spirit, although by the end of the day tiredness had set in – and not just with the adults! For some of the youngsters it was their first all-day competition. And did I hear a couple of remarks from the more experienced teams that they had needed to have chosen a different adult??

Congratulations to the Winners Aimée Rickman and Paula Fauvel, and well done to everyone who took part.

Many thanks to the adults for giving up their time to support the juniors and to Keith and Clymping for welcoming us to their club.

The full results were…

  • 1st – Aimée Rickman and Paula Fauvel
  • 2nd – Sam and Mark Rattue
  • 3rd – Alex and Steve Read
  • 4th – Matthew Butcher and Chris Chubb
  • 5th – Will Read and Mark Duncan
  • 6th – Toby Cramp and Kath Knight
  • 7th – Alice Butcher and Karen Chubb

Kath Knight