Over-65’s at Muscliff Park

The inaugural SCPA over-65’s Championship was held at Muscliff Park in Bournemouth on Thursday 17th June, with a full house of sixteen teams coming from many clubs across our region.

Young Frank Charlesworth and the even younger Chris Peat were victorious as overall winners having been unbeaten all day, with Steve Brickell and Danny Corp winning the Silver.

The day had started grey, became hot and then subsided into showers – rather like some of the play!

Well done to Chris Chubb and all at Muscliff Park Petanque Club for hosting this new regional competition.



  • Winners: Christine Peat & Frank Charlesworth
  • Runners-up: Colin Crofts & Allan Paice
  • Semi-finalists: Kath Knight & Geoff Sully
  • Semi-finalists: John Denis & Tony Giordano

Gold Consolage

  • Winners: Stuart Cursley & Ash Patel
  • Runners-up: Jennie Pudney & Perry Ellis


  • Winners: Steve Brickell & Danny Corp
    Runners-up: Ian Kennard & Paul Delavault
  • Semi-finalists: Graham Ashworth & Boyd Parker
  • Semi-finalists: Paula Favel & Celia Rawlings

Silver Consolage

  • Winners: Mick & Pat Roberts
  • Runners-up: Sue Godwin & Chris Chubb