Arundel Mike Knight Open Triples 2023

A damp start finishing with warm sunshine was the order of the day for the 2023 Arundel Mike Knight Triples.

20 teams from across the region played leagues in the morning followed by knock-out in the afternoon, with a round-robin for those in the spoon.

Many thanks to all those who helped make the day run smoothly and to all those who came along to play.

The Results:


  • Winners – River Hamble (S. Ogles, K. Thatcher, D. Franco-Cruz)
  • R-Up – Three Blind Mice (S. Brown, C. Gonsalves, C. Chubb)
  • Semi – Village Elders (D. Stubbs, R. Greeves, B. Bish)
  • Semi – Fareport Convention (P. Fauvel, W. Hall, T. Bishop)

Main Consolage:

  • Winners – Black Magic (J. Ellis, G. Poulter, L. Black)
  • R-Up – Boulevardier (A. Brooks, K. Williams, A. Hepburn)
  • Semi – Bedouins (E. Harrison, S. Stowell, J. Sharples)
  • Semi – ArunSeal (J. Geddes, E. Geddes, B. Martin, D. Martin)


  • Winners – Something Inoffensive (P. Williams, M. Bush, D. Clapham)
  • R-Up – The 3 Bs (S. Brickell, J. Bardell, G. Blake)
  • Semi – Mirokama (M. Ockwell, R. Bennett, K. Knight, M. Gordon)
  • Semi – Bath Grand Cru (D. Murphy, A. Briggs, J. Colledge)

Plate Consolage:

  • Winners – Llama Guns (B. Ainsworth, M. Berrett, L. McMurdie)
  • R-Up – Alberts Camel (C. Warren Adamson, C. Ide, K. Thompson, M. Jennings)
  • Semi – Southampton City (P. Galton, M. Tooke, P. Cross)
  • Semi – Set The Pace (A. Paice, C. Paice, T. Treend)


  • Winners – Manuscripts (M. Aichroth, S. Sandy, S. Love)
  • R-Up – DDES (D. Coles, D. Coates, E. Penney, S. Coles)
  • 3rd – Dave’s Dollies (D. Culver, M. Lee, F. Bennett)
  • 4th – Parley (D. Plaistow, A. Beng, T. Wilson, E. Dixon-Gough)