SCPA Junior Championships 2022

“The Junior Championship was held today in the sunshine at Southampton City.
It was great to see so many new juniors and everyone did really well.” – Mark Duncan



All the juniors that entered scored points and we finished with a shoot off between Matthew and Findley, the results were;

  • 1st Matthew
  • 2nd Findley
  • 3rd Alex
  • 4th Tristan
  • 5th Sasha
  • 6th Aimee
  • 7th Lola



All juniors won at least one game, with Tristan winning 5 out of 5, here are the results;

  • 1st Tristan
  • 2nd Alex
  • 3rd Lola
  • 4th Matthew
  • 5th Josh
  • 6th Aimee
  • 7th Sasha
  • 8th Findley



Our younger juniors scored points for skills and then played some games.

  • 1st Eddie
  • 2nd Patch
  • 3rd Axel


Thank you to the parents and everyone that helped to coach and support our juniors.

Thank you to Southampton City for use of their terrain and don’t forget their
Triples Competition on 19th June, poster can be found on the SCPA website calendar.

Photos provided by Mark Duncan