Mike Knight Triples

“On a beautiful May day, 21 teams met at Arundel PC to battle out the Mike Knight Triples. We welcomed teams from across the region and even one from the wilds of Essex!

The morning leagues led on to knock-outs in the afternoon for the Main, Main Consolage, Plate and Plate Consolage with a 3-game Snake for those in the Spoon.

Players ranged from beginners in their first competition to national players with ages ranging from 8 to slightly older. The atmosphere of the day was most pleasant and didn’t drag on as some can.”

– Kath Knight




  • Winners: Dave Plumhoff, Millie Perkins, Steve Lombard
  • Runners Up: Crondalliers
  • Semis: Paula Fauvel, Ash Patel, Celia Rawlings
  • Semis: Lesley Crofts, Chris Turner, Carolyn Greenhalgh

Main Consolage:

  • Winners: Frank Charlesworth, Christine Peat, Colin Crofts
  • Runners Up: Bob Ainsworth, Malcolm Berrett, Martin Gordon
  • Semis: Dave Kelly, Sean Wiggill, Sue Parr
  • Semis: Rod Bennett, Frankie Bennett, Jim Ireland


  • Winners: David Franco Cruz, Marc Franco Llado, Axel Franco Llado
  • Runners Up: Martin Aichroth, Richard Batt, Alan Webb, Keith Johnson
  • Semis: Stuart Cursley, Reg Jupp, Sam Porter
  • Semis: Steve Love, Sue Sandy, Mervyn Waller

Plate Consolage:

  • Winners: Angela Brooks, Michael Moore, Diane Slater
  • Runners Up: Rick Smith, Shona Smith, Kath Knight
  • Semis: Derek Coates, Dave Coles, Stella Coles
  • Semis: Ernest Harrison, Robin Newman, Jeremy Sharples


  • Winners: Alastair Burt, Ian Ruffle, Iain Graham
  • Runners Up: Chris Warren-Adamson, Clare Ide
  • 3rd: Sue Fleck, Barbara Franklin, Norrie Hewitt
  • 4th: Nic Bowyer, Peter Marland, Sue Marland
  • 5th Mike Hyne, Sue Hyne, Wendy Thompson