Website help wanted!

Could you help to manage the SCPA website?

We’ve got a great website and we’re looking for an enthusiastic editor or webmaster to keep everything up-to-date. Could it be you?

  • If you enjoy writing updates and cropping images, you could be a Web Editor!
    You’ll need a good general aptitude for IT, a lot of patience and a willingness to learn, but no specialist website knowledge.
  • Or, if you’re already a whiz with WordPress and understand things like HTML and CSS, maybe you could take over completely as Webmaster?

I’ve enjoyed managing our website for the last five years, but it is now time for me to hand over to someone new.

I will be happy to help and support you on getting up to speed and will always be available to call on if there are any technical issues.

It’s a great way of getting to know people join our region and supporting our committee and clubs in promoting their competitions and activities.

To find out more, please email



General role descriptions

Website Editor

  • Update the SCPA website calendar whenever needed and add posters and competition details as they become available.
  • Update static web pages as requested by committee members, to keep content up-to-date and relevant including role of honour and other archive records.
  • Publish news posts throughout the year, based on information supplied by clubs or region. Check and edit text for readability and consistency. Select, edit and upload suitable images to go with each post.


As Website Editor, and…

  • Manage the SCPA website, ensuring it remains secure, accessible and relevant. This includes regularly updating WordPress core and plugins and renewing web hosting package when necessary.
  • Manage and monitor the Leagues databases and modify each year as requested by League Fixtures Secretary, to suit league structure and number of entries.