Arundel ‘COVID-secure’

During the brief spell of a sort of freedom from COVID-19 restrictions, Arundel Pétanque Club managed to hold three in-house competitions: The Singles, The Doubles (with randomly drawn partners) and The Pick-Your-Own Doubles.

Singles was played over three dates, with each contestant playing three timed games. Each Doubles event also consisted of three times games, with finals for winners and runners-up, and 3rd/4th places. We were lucky with all games weather-wise, except the Pick-Your-Own Doubles, when the rain was horizontal at times, but we battled through!

The Singles

There were 20 entries in the Singles. It was good to see so many friends after the long break. There were some close games, with Geoff Sully as undefeated victor with 3 wins and +15.

  • Winner: Geoff Sully
  • Runner-up: Richard Batt
  • 3rd: Malcolm Berrett
  • 4th: Peter Maynard

The Doubles

24 entries into the Doubles saw 12 teams enjoying a warm, sunny morning – perfect pétanque-playing weather. Only one team won all their first-round games. Angela and Kath ended up with 3 wins +18, beating strong rivals Geoff Sully and Chris Warren-Adamson to 2! These two teams met again in the final, with the girls again coming out on top.

  • Winners: Kath Knight and Angela Brooks
  • Runners-Up: Geoff Sully and Chris Warren-Adamson
  • 3rd: John Lee and Sue Sandy
  • 4th: Join Hoggard and Clare Ide

The Pick-Your-Own Doubles

The Pick-Your- Own Doubles was the event with the horizontal rain – but only for part of the time! 20 entries again this time and the results are as follows…..

  • Winners: Causeway Chaos – Richard Batt and Martin Aitchroth
  • Runners-Up: Jedi – Eric and Jill Geddes
  • 3rd: Southampton Alumni – Geoff Sully and Chris Warren-Adamson (Getting their own back!)
  • 4th: Girl Power – Angela Brooks and Kath Knight

All games were played within COVID-19 regulations. Let’s hope we can play again soon.

Kath Knight