PE Consultation 2020

Message from Southern Counties President

At the beginning of the year I suggested that 2020 could be a time to reflect and review how Petanque has developed over the past 45 years and to consider how subtle changes could be made to develop the growth of our sport for the future. We also set up a working group to consider Associate Membership as a potential way of inviting external playing groups to join our National organisation. This was, of course, before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following a delayed Petanque England AGM on 30th May we now have a new National President, Clive de Silva, along with five new Board members. If your email is registered with them you will have received updates directly from Pétanque England relating to the AGM and key issues arising.

Clearly the published National accounts are a concern and doubtless steps will be taken to improve the association’s financial position post-pandemic.

An extremely good initiative from PE is to invite members to complete a 2020 Membership Survey, which can be found online by following this link:

It is the first time that PE have instituted such a survey, which enables all members to express their opinions and preferences on a number of key issues.

Your contribution may be vital in shaping the future of our Association, and especially allows to give your views on key areas of concern to you. We urge every SCPA member to complete the survey online if possible. It is very straightforward to do, with “multiple choice” answers to most questions along with optional text boxes if you want to elaborate your views or make additional points. Please have your say.

If you prefer to give your written views to PE rather than filling in the questionnaire, then please do so as they will be happy to receive comments in this way. PE want to allow members as open an opportunity as possible to give their views, so please do send them feedback on any issues that are important to you – simply email to David Baxter and he will pass these onto the PE board.

If you can, please take a short time to complete the survey now. It will go a long way to establishing views or preferences in our region.

Closing date is 3rd July 2020, so don’t delay – do it today!

Stephen Lombard
President – Southern Counties Petanque Association