Petanque England President

This is to let you know about Petanque England’s AGM and election of board members and new President. It summarises information that Petanque England have sent to members and information available on the PE website.

AGM to be rescheduled

Petanque England’s 2020 AGM was scheduled for 18 April and the agenda was published. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions it will now be adjourned to a later date and the same agenda will be carried over. It seems likely that the AGM will be held in a “virtual” way such as video-conference and PE are investigating the legal and practical implications of this; the new date has not yet been announced. Members will be given 21 days-notice of the new date and the deadline for submission of proxies will be 48 hours before that date.

Election of a new President for PE

Martin Eggleton is standing down this year and a new President will be elected at the rescheduled AGM. All SCPA members are eligible to vote by proxy for both the president and new PE Board members.

The candidates for President are:

    • Clive de Silva
        • Great Western Region
        • Currently Lead Member for the Petanque England Veterans Section
    • David Mason
        • Heart of England Region
        • Currently PE Board Member, Chair of the Events Group

Click on the candidate’s name above to read their profile on the PE website.

Election of new PE Board Members

The nominees for PE Board Members are:

  • Mathew Blyton
  • Clive De Silva
  • Toni Gates
  • Peter Hardy
  • Janice Keemer-Richards
  • David Mason
  • Alan Roden
  • Christine Spray
  • Barry Wing

Profiles for all nominees can be found on the PE website – Click here. You can vote for up to six people.

How to Vote

Every PE Adult Member may vote, and voting is already open. You can either:

a) Submit your proxy electronically this can be done through Loveadmin

b) Download and complete a Proxy form, and return this by email or post – details are in the notes at the end of the form.

Using LoveAdmin to vote

To vote in LoveAdmin, first logon here using the the same email and password that you used to renew your membership. If you cannot remember your password you can easily change it by clicking “Forgot Password” on the Login screen.

  1. Once logged-in, click on “Events” in the top menu then select “AGM Proxy”.
  2. In the AGM Proxy Event screen, select 1 in the “No. required” box and then click Next.
  3. An on-line version of the the proxy form is displayed with you name already filled-in.
  4. First choose whether to appoint the chairman as your proxy. By default, this is shown as “Yes” but if you prefer to appoint someone else select “No” and type the name of your proxy in the box provided.
  5. You can now record your voting instructions. Select your choice in each question and then tick up to 6 people to elect as directors.
  6. When you have completed all your choices, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any problems in completing the form, please contact David Baxter on

LoveAdmin “Lead Members”

Some members have chosen not to have an individual LoveAdmin account and instead are linked to a “Lead Member” in their club who can manage their account. In this case they should make their Lead Member aware of their voting wishes and that person can submit a proxy form on their behalf. Alternatively they can send a manual form by email or post.

If Lead Members need any assistance with LoveAdmin they can contact SCPA Membership Secretary

For any general queries regarding voting or the AGM, please contact Petanque England Vice-President, Martin Hughes –