Worthing Charity Triples

Thirty-four teams came together on a blustery winter’s day for Worthing Petanque Club’s annual Charity Triples competition, this year supporting Macmillan Cancer Care. Teams came from all around the Southern Region and beyond, and were joined by (most of) the winning team from last year’s Eurocup.

The final game of the morning went on until 2.30pm, making a late start inevitable in the afternoon. However, limiting each of the knockout groups to eight teams kept the afternoon reasonably short.

In a very strong field, the Cobbetts team of Mike, Ali and Jay were outstanding and beat Jamie, Callum and Baz Wing in the final.

Josh Munns (South East Regional Fundraising Manager for Macmillan Cancer Care) came to Worthing to represent the charity and was delighted to accept a cheque for an impressive £607.





  • Winners: Mike Porter, Alison Stubbs, Jay Willcocks
  • Runners-up: Jamie Brooks, Callum Lombard & Barry Wing
  • Semi-finalists: Tony Kidd, Nigel Sibbring, Bernie Miles
  • Semi-finalists: Angie Jamieson Ashley Jamieson Steve Daykin

Gold Consolage

  • Winners: Dave Plumhoff, Tim Edwins, Becky Edwins
  • Runners-up: Frank Charlesworth, Christine Peat Graham Elcome


  • Winners Ella Slade, Sarah Huntley, Jack Blows
  • Runners-up: Tony Mann, Jeff Mitchell, Mick Lucioni
  • Semi-finalists: Bill Mackrell, John Bailey, Gerard Poirier
  • Semi-finalists: Jeremy Huntley, Jason White, Alex Spillett

Silver Consolage

  • Winners: Mark Duncan, Will Read, Stuart Floyd
  • Runners-up: Angela Brooks, Tony Jackson, Chris Hunt


  • Winners: Steven Slade, Martin Pry, Sylvie Pry
  • Runners-up: Mark Barlow, Heith Vines, Tom Hitchman

Bronze Consolage

  • Winners: Nick Hall, Wendy Hall, Trudy Bishop


  • Winners: Nick Goodheart, Bobby Welch, Craig Baker
  • Runners-up: Adrian Cowie, Mike Azzopardi, Malcolm Berrett