Worthing Open Triples

Eighteen teams came to Worthing to play for the annual Open Triples Cup, players from as far afield as Dorset and Kent. As eighteen is not an ideal number, we opted for a Gold & Silver of eight teams each and a two-team ‘best of three’ for the Spoon.

The day started with a torrential downpour that saw all the players soaked and the terrain partially flooded. However, once the sun came out, everyone started to dry out and the rest of the day went well, remaining dry till the end.

We had some very strong teams and a few surprises. Who would have thought that Saul Goodman (Angela, Alex and Tony) would end up winning the First Fanny! They did, however, redeem themselves and go on to win the Silver, with Hobnobs (Jeff, Bren and Chris) coming in second. The Silver Consolage was a playoff between Sons of Anarchy (Bob, Peter and Geoff) and Them Pesky Women (Marilyn, Carole and Betty), with Them Pesky Women clinching it 13 – 12.

Meanwhile, in the Gold, the four semi finalists, BSB, 2+1, KFC and Rejects, fought for that all-important place in the Final. At this point, despite playing well, 2+1 (Paul, Bret & Steve) and KFC (Frank, Kath & Christine) fell by the wayside.

The two finalists then opted to go and play in the car park and although Rejects (Ashley, Barry & Steve) put up a good fight, it was BSB that finished up the worthy winners. Congratulations to Jamie, Callum and Sam who played consistently well all day.

Worthing Pétanque Club thank all the players who took part and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Keith Wannell



  • Winners: Jamie Brooks, Callum Lombard, Sam Rattue
  • Runners-up: Barry Wing, Ashley Jamieson, Steve Daykin

Gold Consolage

  • Winners: Hassi Leverett, Dave Lucas, Mark Robertsham
  • Runners-up: The Booth family


  • Winners: Tony Kidd, Alex Hepburn, Angela Brooks
  • Runners-up: Chris Hunt, Jeff Hobbs, Bren Hobbs

Silver Consolage

  • Winners: Betty Lane, Marilyn Wannell, Carole Turner
  • Runners-up: Geoff Sully, Bob Ainsworth, Peter Maynard