Winter Doubles Final 2018-19

From an entry of 16 teams representing 9 clubs from around the Southern region, the following 6 teams qualified for the final of the Winter Doubles at Burridge on Saturday, March 23rd. 

1 Dave Stubbs (Cobbetts) Richard Greeves (Cobbetts) 12 wins +74
2 David Franco Cruz (Cobbetts) Marc Franco Llado (Cobbetts) 11 wins +90
3 Hassi Leverett (Cobbetts) Mark Robertshaw  (Fareham) 10 wins +46
4 Mike Tull
Sam Thatcher
(River Hamble)
10 wins +44
5 Glenn Floyd (Cobbetts) Graeme Cann (Cobbetts) 9 wins +26
6 Alison Stubbs (Cobbetts) Mike Porter (Cobbetts) 9 wins +25
Reserves Dave Lucas (Ship) Matt Slater (Bordon) 9 wins +14

It was a cloudy but dry day and the format was a round robin with all teams playing each other. Unfortunately Glenn and Graeme were unavailable for finals day but with Dave & Matt taking their place it was a very strong line-up of teams and difficult to predict who would be the winners. 

Lunch was taken after 3 games and at this point the top 2 seeds, Dave & Richard and David & Marc, were well placed as the only teams to win all 3 games.  

The fourth round saw David and Marc well beaten by Mike & Sam. This victory for Mike & Sam turned out to be the crucial result that won them the title on points difference from David & Marc, with Dave & Richard suffering a post-lunch slump, losing a close game against Hassi & Mark before being beaten by David & Marc. Hassi & Mark won both their afternoon games pushing Dave & Rich down into 4th place but they did have the consolation of being the only team to beat the champions on the day. 

 Winners Mike Tull
Sam Thatcher
(River Hamble)
4 wins +26
Runners-up David Franco Cruz (Cobbetts) Marc Franco Llado (Cobbetts) 4 wins +12
3rd Hassi Leverett (Cobbetts) Mark Robertshaw  (Fareham) 3 wins +14
4th Dave Stubbs (Cobbetts) Richard Greeves (Cobbetts) 3 wins -4
5th Dave Lucas
Matt Slater (Bordon) 1 win -23
6th Alison Stubbs (Cobbetts) Mike Porter (Cobbetts) 0 wins -25 

Dave Stubbs