The Inspired Trophy at Oxshott

Now in its sixth year, the “Inspired” Trophy was started because the 2012 Olympic Inspired Fund gave us the monies to enlarge and improve our facilities. To commemorate this we decided to hold a Cash Doubles competition each year. A trophy salver to be awarded and engraved with the winners names every year, and all the entry fees to be given out in prizes.

This year the sun shone all day, and players came from far and wide. South Wales was the furthest, but there was also a big contingent from the Thames Valley Region. The Oxshott sports club plays many sports and they were in full swing with little people of around 6 years old having a training session of cricket, followed by boys of about 12 playing a cricket match. And the plonk of tennis balls could be heard all day.

The two very different terrains at Oxshott were giving some folk difficulty, but others seemed to master them. Both were very dry and dusty. We played in leagues in the morning, the top 8 teams went through to the main and the rest fought it out in the plate events.

The semi finals of the main were well fought close matches, but sadly the final was not so close. Nevertheless, Celia Rawlings (Oxshott) playing with Paula Fauvel (Fareham) fought hard against Angie and Lee Jameson, knocking the coche out a couple of times to save the end, but eventually losing to previous winners Angie and Lee.