SCPA Membership is through membership of Petanque England (PE), the national body. Membership of PE runs from April 1st until the 31st March. You must have an PE Licence registered with SCPA to play in the SCPA 6-a-side and 9-a-side Leagues or in any of the regional events.

New member registrations

To register for new adult membership of Petanque England in the Southern Region (for the first time), please click here, then select “2022 Southern Counties Adult [PE]” and complete the registration form and online payment. (Alternatively, you can download and complete an Adult Membership Form )
For junior membership (under 18s), please do not register online but complete a Junior Membership Form and pass this to your club secretary who will arrange for registration free of charge via SCPA membership secretary.

Existing member renewals (Renew January-March 2022)

To renew your existing PE/SCPA membership, there are several options:

  1. Pay by credit card in your online LoveAdmin account – Click here
    Most of our members renew their Petanque England membership by credit card using the LoveAdmin system and this is our preferred method as it is fully automated.
  2. Contact your club secretary, who may be able to arrange payment on your behalf.
    Please note that you do not need to complete a form to renew your membership. Membership secretaries simply send a list of names of members to SCPA with the payment.
  3. Pay by electronic bank transfer to SCPA (not to PE).After completing your transfer, please email the SCPA membership secretary who will then manually update your LoveAdmin account to “Paid”.
  4. Pay by cheque, payable to “SCPA“.
    Please send to: 
    Paul Leverett, SCPA Membership Secretary, 24 Crofton Lane, Fareham, PO14 3LP.
    It is very important that you make your cheque out only to “SCPA” and not any other variant of this.

You do not need to complete an application form to renew your existing membership.

Finally, please, please do not send cheques or other money directly to Petanque England for membership, as this causes a great deal of confusion!

Membership Fees 2022

Membership of Petanque England and Southern Counties Petanque Association are as follows:

  • Adults – £28.00
    PE receive £25.00 and the SCPA receive a precept of £3.00 (to be reviewed at AGM)
    [The SCPA precept has been reduced for 2021 (previously £6), to reflect the reduced level of  activity in 2020 due to COVID-19]
  • Juniors (under 18 years as at 31st December)
    For the 2021season, fees will be paid by the SCPA as has been the case for the last 6 years. This is reviewed each year to  ensure is affordable. PE charge £5 per junior, which is paid directly by the SCPA.

Changing Clubs

To change clubs please contact SCPA Membership Secretary, who can arrange this for you. This is very quick and easy to do and there is no fee from SCPA or PE for changing clubs.

LoveAdmin – PE’s membership system

Petanque England membership is managed through

If you have any questions about the LoveAdmin system, please contact SCPA Membership Secretary who has full access to the system and will be happy to help.

You may receive emails directly from Petanque England if you have registered your email address with LoveAdmin. They will not share your email address with any other organisation.

You can print your own membership card directly from you account. Lost your card? Just print another! Don’t like your picture? Upload a new one and print the card again!