Each league team has a sequential number 1-8 within their league.
The team number does not reflect their position in the league, it is just a reference.
You must ensure that no two teams in a league have the same number or the reporting will not work correctly.

9-a-side combined
League Team Number Team Team Name Comments Adjustment New
9d1 1 Cobbetts Div 1 0 EDIT
9d1 2 Fareham Oaks Div 1 0 EDIT
9d1 3 River Hamble Div 1 0 EDIT
9d1 4 Cobbetts Extras Div 1 0 EDIT
9d2 5 Shipwrights Div 2 0 EDIT
9d2 6 Bordon 9’s Div 2 0 EDIT
9d2 7 Shedfield Div 2 0 EDIT
9d2 8 Fareham Acorns Div 2 0 EDIT

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