Southern Counties Petanque

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To give the correct rankings, we order by column M = (H*100 + L)

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Team No Team Name Played Won Lost For Against Order Points Diff Comments Adj filter
1 Cobbetts A =D2+E2 =SUM(I11:I70) =SUM(J11:J70) =SUM(K11:K70) =SUM(L11:L70) =(I2*100)+J2+1000 =D2+L2 =F2-G2 0 include
2 Fareham Oaks =D3+E3 =SUM(M11:M70) =SUM(N11:N70) =SUM(O11:O70) =SUM(P11:P70) =(I3*100)+J3+1000 =D3+L3 =F3-G3 0 include
3 River Hamble =D4+E4 =SUM(Q11:Q70) =SUM(R11:R70) =SUM(S11:S70) =SUM(T11:T70) =(I4*100)+J4+1000 =D4+L4 =F4-G4 0 include
4 Bordon Saracens =D5+E5 =SUM(U11:U70) =SUM(V11:V70) =SUM(W11:W70) =SUM(X11:X70) =(I5*100)+J5+1000 =D5+L5 =F5-G5 0 include
5 Shipwrights =D6+E6 =SUM(Y11:Y70) =SUM(Z11:Z70) =SUM(AA11:AA70) =SUM(AB11:AB70) =(I6*100)+J6+1000 =D6+L6 =F6-G6 0 include
6 Crondall =D7+E7 =SUM(AC11:AC70) =SUM(AD11:AD70) =SUM(AE11:AE70) =SUM(AF11:AF70) =(I7*100)+J7+1000 =D7+L7 =F7-G7 0 include
7 Cobbetts B =D8+E8 =SUM(AG11:AG70) =SUM(AH11:AH70) =SUM(AI11:AI70) =SUM(AJ11:AJ70) =(I8*100)+J8+1000 =D8+L8 =F8-G8 0 include
8 Fareham Acorns =D9+E9 =SUM(AK11:AK70) =SUM(AL11:AL70) =SUM(AM11:AM70) =SUM(AN11:AN70) =(I9*100)+J9+1000 =D9+L9 =F9-G9 0 include
League Home Team Home Team No. Away Team Away Team No. H A T1 Won T1 Lost T1 For T1 Agin T2 Won T2 Lost T2 For T2 Agin T3 Won T3 Lost T3 For T3 Agin T4 Won T4 Lost T4 For T4 Agin T5 Won T5 Lost T5 For T5 Agin T6 Won T6 Lost T6 For T6 Agin T7 Won T7 Lost T7 For T7 Agin T8 Won T8 Lost T8 For T8 Agin