SCPA Junior Championship & Shooting 2019

This year, as last year, the SCPA Junior Championship was split into two sections.  Section A was for 13 yrs+ experienced players and Section B was for 12 years and under, less experienced players. We originally had twelve prospective younger players but two groups of three were unable to make the day and two dropped out at the last moment, leaving only four in this section and six in the older section.

The Section A played five games throughout the day, whilst the younger ones in Section B gained points from skills activities in the morning and three short timed games in the afternoon. For the Precision Shooting there were two rounds each from which the players chose their best round, leading to a final between the two highest scorers.

Well done to everyone who took part.

And the results were….


Section A

  • 1st Jamie Brooks (Adur/Worthing)
  • 2nd Sally Sin (Parley)
  • 3rd Francesca Evans-Jones (Adur)
  • 4th Liam Floyd (River Hamble)
  • 5th Will (River Hamble)
  • 6th Sam Rattue (Muscliff)

Section B

Name Skills Points Games won Total
Aimee Rickman 66 2 95
Matthew Butcher 110 1 134
Molly Cramp 101 3 133
Toby Cramp 61 0 71

So final positions in Section B…

  • 1st Matthew Butcher (Muscliff)
  • 2nd Molly Cramp (Arundel)
  • 3rd Aimee Rickman (Muscliff)
  • 4th Toby Cramp (Arundel)


  • 1st Jamie Brooks
  • 2nd Sally Sin
  • 3rd Will
  • 4th Liam Floyd
  • 5th Francesca Evans-Jones
  • 6th Matthew Butcher
  • 7th Sally Sin

Well done to Jamie for the double whammy!

Many thanks to Mark Duncan for running the Precision Shooting and to Chris Chubb and Bill Wright for helping with the skills activities and Portchester for hosting us so well. (Oh yes, and thanks to Glenn for the ice creams!)

Kath Knight