Arundel Winter Doubles

Gone were the blizzards and flooded terrains of 2017  and out came the sun for the 2018 Arundel Winter Doubles. Not quite the temperatures of the Caribbean, but sun nevertheless.

An easy entry of 24 teams from 5 counties and 13 clubs meant the morning leagues divided equally into 3 knock-out levels in the afternoon, with consolages at each level. Unusually there were not many 3 wins from the morning leagues, but many 2 wins, so few points separated teams  when qualifying for the knock-out places after lunch.

The day progressed in a most enjoyable way with the results were as follows:


  • Winners: Fab-Yule-Us (Hassi Leverett & Lee Redfern)
  • Runners-up: Past & Present (Jamie Brooks & Ella Slade)
  • Semis: Italian Hayes (Tony Giordano & Paul Hayes)
  • Semis: Me + 1 (Karen & Callum Lombard)

Main Consolage

  • Winners: Handworth (Nigel Sibbring & Martin Gordon)
  • Runners-up: Handcross Hangovers (Bill Mackrell & John Bailey)
  • Semis: Whitehart (Steve & Callum Slade)
  • Semis: Petangue (Peter Maynard & Angela Brooks)


  • Winners: Rusty Rivets (Paula Fauvel & Robert Cleaver)
  • Runners-up: Mac & Co (Julie Powers & Gerry McAleese)
  • Semis: The Kidds (Tony & Liam Kidd)
  • Semis: Wishful Thinking (Colin Crofts & Chris Turner)

Plate Consolage

  • Winners: Brexmas Jumpers (Frank Charlesworth & Christine Peat)
  • Runners-up: Barron Knights (Kath Knight & Chris Barron)
  • Semis: Mince Pies (Robert Ainsworth & Derek Coates)
  • Semis: Cobbetts (Rod & Frankie Bennett)


  • Winners: Sam Squared (Sammy Thatcher & Samuel Edward)
  • Runner-up: Muscliff Meerkats (Chris Chubb & Stuart Brown)
  • Semis: 4-Leafed Clovers (Keith & Joy Rutter)
  • Semis: Just Two (Sue McAleese & Clare Ide)

Spoon Consolage

  • Winners: The Two D’s (Dennis & Diana Slark)
  • Runners-up: Winter Ravens (Steve Love & Sue Sandy)
  • Wooden Spooners: Alberts Camel (Chris Warren-Adamson & Martin Aichroth)
  • Withdrawn: Crowborough (Mim & Nick Christian-Wells)

Kath Knight