Arundel Mike Knight Triples

On Sunday 15th April, 24 teams gathered at Arundel PC for the annual Mike Knight Triples competition. Weather was cloudy, damp, sunny in that order. Before play commenced, the ribbon was cut, and the plaque (with an appropriate ‘Mine’s a Ricard’ inscription) revealed, on Mike’s memorial bench. It was nice to see Trevor and Pam Treend turn up during the day to say hello, they knew Mike very well! 

The leagues in the morning were played most conscientiously and at length! The afternoon games were split into 3 parts, with the league winners and the next best 2 going into the Main, the next best 8 into the Plate and the remaining teams into the Spoon, with consolages and prizes at all levels. There were players from all over the region from beginners to old hands.

Gold Winners were Hill Head Honchos from Fareham (Paul Leverett, Hassi Leverett, Paula Fauvel), who beat Cobbetts Goodens (Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves, Steve Daykin) in the final. Well done also to Silver Winners BHM (Anthony Booty, Wesley McCollough, Paul Hayes), a trio who don’t belong to a formal petanque club but play together at a pub!

It was good to see Sally Sin, a junior from Parley, having recently celebrated her achievements as National Youth Singles Champion and her selection into the England Youth A Squad. Well done Sally. 

Kath Knight

(Full results listed below)


  • Winners:  Hill Head Honchos (Paul Leverett, Hassi Leverett, Paula Fauvel)
  • Runners-Up:  Cobbetts Goodens (Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves, Steve Daykin)
  • Semi-Finalists:  High Flying Birds (Graham Galton, Geoff Sully, Tomasz Rypien)
  • Semi-Finalists:  Bunnies & Squirrels (Keith Baker, Sue Baker, Marcel Roux)

Gold Consolage

  • Winners: Cobb On (Mike Porter, Alison Stubbs, Harrison Ash)
  • Runners-Up: Handworth (Martin Gordon, Nigel Sibbring, Dave Sutherland)
  • Semi-Finalists: Purple Rain (Steve Lombard, Karen Lombard, Alex Hepburn)
  • Semi Finalists: Minions (Dave Kilshaw, Carrie Litchfield, Steve Brickell)


  • Winners:  BHM (Anthony Booty, Wesley McCollough, Paul Hayes)
  • Runners-Up: A Cunning Plan (Sue Sandy, Steve Love, Rod Bennett)
  • Semi-Finalists: Handcross Ladies (Jane Sibbring, Brenda Steptoe, Maria Cocozza)
  • Semi Finalists: Albert’s Camel (Chris Warren-Adamson, Peter Maynard, Martin Harris)

Silver Consolage

  • Winners:  Hit & Miss (Derek Coates, Diane Slater, John Blair)
  • Runners-Up:  Parley 1 (Tom Wilson, Sally Sin, +1)
  • Semi-Finalists: Girl Power (Lesley McMurdie, Carol Turner, Mary Ethrington)
  • Semi-Finalists: Famous Five (Trise Richins, Celia Rawlings, Stuart Cursley)


  • Winners: Caped Crusaders (Frank Charlesworth, Christine Peat, Robin Newman)
  • Runners-Up:  Unbeatables (Keith Wannell, Marilyn Wannell, +1)
  • Semi-Finalists: Red Barrons (Chris Barron, Kath Knight, Martin Aichroth)
  • Semi-Finalists: Muscats (Chris Chubb, Leo Black, Mike Coniam)

Spoon Consolage

  • Winners: Parley 2 (Colin Harrison, Peter Dorrington, Frankie Bennett)
  • Runners-Up:  Worthing Worriers (Michael Moore, Greta Roberts, +1)
  • Semi-Finalists: Bedouins’ Coche (Tony Crema, Tony Vandensteen, +1)
  • Semi-Finalists:  Bouledogs (Angela Brooks, Tony Jackson, Bob Ainsworth)

Shooting Winner:  Tony Crema

Junior Prize:  Sally Sin